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Since 1968 Krah has been developing and producing Krah helical extrusion pipe production technology in the Westerwald regionof Germany.

The Krah production technology is a helical extrusion (spiral wound) process that allows to produce profiled pipes for gravity application, solid wall pressure pipes and all kinds of special wall structures to produce fittings, manholes and accessories. Due to the advanced technology and a continuous development process, Krah Pipes can be produced as a seamless, smooth and inspection-friendly inner surface together with an integrated socket spigot for electro fusion jointing and even for other types of jointing technologies. The production procedure provides the possibility of customized and cost-efficient pipe design, especially for the required application, by the help designed wall structure.
The pipe system can fulfill all requirements for a standard pipe and for tailor-made (engineered) pipe system.


Krah Pipes

Krah Pipes – powerful partners with powerful knowledge
Krah is producing and developing since 1968 helical extrusion technology for production of large diameter pipes between DN ID 300 up to DN ID 5000 mm and is the most experienced company in large diameter plastic pipe application. After decades of worldwide successful projects and continuously growth in the business, the purpose of forming a further company was necessary to provide engineering services and solutions in large diameter plastic pipe application.


About Krah

Production Technology at the Highest Level
KRAH MISR established under license from KRAH AG a German machine manufacturer with over 35 years of experience in the design, development and construction of production plants for large diameter pipes and fittings with all different kinds of sizes and stiffnesses. Thanks to very close cooperation and a steady information flow with our customers world-wide, we are always up-to-date regarding upcoming demands and changes on the pipe market. This gives us the possibility to develop necessary modifications to our machines in order to respond to the needs of our customers


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